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Las Alegrías (The Joys) is a dance piece about joy as a generating, transformative and revolutionary power. A dancing dialogue between two bodies: the living and latent body of Paula Quintana and a magical and celestial body that concentrates the energy and powerful drive of life. An accompanied solo - or a choreographed installation - about joy as a vital and political positioning, that also reveals the committed step of an artist who is determined to let herself be transformed by life and the stages. A scenic journey through a sensitive and expanded body that withdraws and rises, concentrating all the creative, feminine and mysterious power of joys.

LAS ALEGRÍAS is also the dramaturgy of Javier Cuevas. The sound design of Óscar Villegas. The lighting and stage of (Rosalía, Silvia Pérez Cruz, María Arnal & Marcel Bagès and Agrupación Señor Serrano, among others). The suspended meteorite, designed by Tahíche Díaz. And a beautiful tale from Roy Galán: an independent fiction narrative which is also connected in structure and discourse to the scenic piece, published by Continta me tienes. It is offered to the audience after the end of the show and it works as an extended scene.


Creation and performance: Paula Quintana

Dramaturgy: Javier Cuevas

Sound design: Óscar Villegas

Lighting and stage: Cube bz

Costume design: Amuhaici Luis y Aurelia Gil

Installation - meteorite: Tahíche Díaz

Texts: Roy Galán

Image design: Pepe Valladares

Video: Tamara Brito de Heer

Technical direction: Grace Morales

Communication: Marta Baeza - La Locomotora

Photography Javier Pino

Production and management: Celia Zaragoza


Island Council of Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Canal Dance Centre (Madrid)
Community of Madrid
Teatre Principal of Palma (Balearic Islands)
Tercera Setmana’s Festival (Community of Valencia)
Eima Centre de Creació (Balearic Islands)
El Sauzal’s Theatre (Canary Islands)
La Granja’s Theatre (Canary Islands Government)